Superintendent of the Dublin Independent School District, Roy Neff, told board members he was not a fan of fund-raising unless it is a service oriented project during Monday night's meeting and he has a plan for curtailing efforts for the next school year.

“I have been hearing fund-raising complaints for 21 years,” Neff said.

Neff said he will require all fund-raising plans to come through his office by Oct. 1.

“I am strongly discouraging soliciting businesses for money and merchandise,” Neff said.

“We're going to be pretty ugly about this deadline,” Neff said. “There will be no approval after October 1 except for service projects."

He told board members he wanted plans submitted to include how much money the group required and how they would go about acquiring it. Neff said he thinks that because all requests for fund-raising have to be documented and submitted with a plan, there will be less solicitation of businesses and others.

Neff said he doesn't think it's right for people to ask for an item to be donated for a door prize when the item should be purchased in the first place.

He said fund-raising in exchange for service doesn't bother him and activities like car washes would not fall in the same category.

In other matters, Neff said in light of more stringent nutrition requirements for the lower grades and the lunch program continually losing money the snack bar for the middle school will be closed next school year.

"We're just not able to offer the things that the kids really want to buy," Neff said. He also said the snack bar barely turned a profit last year while being able to offer more and he hopes the lunch line menu can be increased so students will have more than one entr/e choice.

The high school students do not have the same nutritional guidelines, Neff said, so the offerings at that level are more of what the students want to buy.

In personnel matters, Neff said there is one food service worker that will retire and he doesn't plan to replace that person. He said next year the district will employ 209 people.

The board reviewed and accepted resignations/retirements from Amy Garza-elementary special education teacher, Gary Bartee - Bus driver, Jennifer Whitten - speech language pathologist, Judy James - fourth grade teacher, Wanda St. Martin - food service worker, Cliff Horn - high school music/band teacher, Elizabeth Dudley- kindergarten teacher, Jeff White - middle school music/band teacher, Karen Lott - middle school history teacher, Dodd Carmichael - high school social studies teacher and coach, Sonda Carmichael - classroom aide, Lynell Thomas - fifth grade teacher, and Joni Sears - Intermediate physical education teacher.

The board approved hiring John Edwards - sixth grade English/language arts teacher, Lawna Greene - 4th grade self-contained teacher and Robin Hogard - fifth grade self-contained teacher.