To the editor,

In response to the response. I do think that Ms. Garrison is honest in her belief that the “hate Obama” campaign is not race based. I do find it interesting that she saw no racial problems with Ms. Rice or Mr. Powell. She also did not identify the fact that both were Republicans in a Republican administration. As she so defiantly states that we must get over the fact that many are now protesting against big government.

I would ask Ms Garrison if she protested when George W. Bush chose to recklessly enter Iraq. Did she react when years ago she got her first “stimulus” check from Bush, how about her reaction to the second stimulus? Did she join the Tea parties when economic stimulus package in December of 2008 which cost taxpayers $800 billion dollars? Of course these were feeble attempts of Bush trying to cover himself from taking a windfall budget surplus and plunging this country into record debt. As housing, banking, Wall Street, and world trade collapsed, our bank accounts and retirement funds dwindled. I have a feeling Ms. Garrison did not raise a hand in protest or even write one letter of complaint.

Now we have all these concerned citizens who are fed up with “big” government. If it weren’t so tragic it would be funny. Compare the world Clinton left Bush with the one Bush left Obama. That should explain. Other than that, get over it.

Randy Jackson


To the editor,

The 2010 Erath County United Way campaign is under way. Meals on Wheels of Erath County is fortunate to be one of the agencies receiving United Way support, critical to our continued operations. Since 1995, Meals on Wheels has had the privilege of serving nutritious meals to our homebound, senior citizens. We also provide transportation services and nutritional supplements for those with dietary concerns. Many of our clients rely on Meals on Wheels for their only hot meal of the day. Some live alone. Volunteer drivers offer companionship and check on the well-being of each client on a daily basis.

As a nonprofit organization funded primarily by government agencies, we must raise local funding. The generosity of Erath County, the Wal-mart Foundation, individual donors and especially Erath County United Way is what keeps our doors open. When our fiscal year ends September 30th and government funding is spent, our valued seniors continue to receive meals as a direct result of United Way funding.

Perhaps as important, as a United Way agency Meals on Wheels receives significant publicity. This allows potential clients to learn about our services and provides information to those who have a loved one in need.

I encourage all Erath County residents to participate in the 2010 campaign. United Way and the agencies it funds embody the spirit of our great community.

Richard Denning

Executive Director

Meals on Wheels of Erath County