It’s been more than six months since Melissa Cheek lost her 17-year-old daughter Meagan Crocker in a car crash on US Highway 377 - and she still cannot travel down the section of road where the accident occurred. But she is taking a step toward healing those painful memories by holding a tree planting ceremony in honor of her daughter.

The ceremony will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday at Tolar High School. Cheek said she is hoping to plant the tree close to the school because Crocker loved to be in the middle of the action.

“I wanted to give people a place to go talk to her and see her,” Cheek said. “I’ll never forget her and I don’t want other people to forget her.”

The vivacious teenager died on Feb. 15, which was also her 17th birthday, along with her friend Carissa Swain, 16, when the minivan Crocker was driving crashed into oncoming traffic. The accident also claimed the life of Katie Jordan, 57, of Hico.

Cheek described her daughter as an outgoing young girl who loved to help others.

“She was a wonderful daughter. I never had to ask her twice to do anything,” Cheek said. “She brought sunshine into the room with her and she never had an enemy.”

Crocker would have been a senior this year at Tolar High School, but Cheek said her daughter had friends in Stephenville and in the surrounding communities - many of whom referred to her as “MeaMea.”

Cheek said she wanted to do something to remember and honor her daughter, something that would represent Crocker’s love of life.

“I’m having a really tough time with this,” Cheek said. “I don’t want to bring up bad memories for people, but this is a good thing.”

Finally, Cheek decided to plant a memorial tree, a Live Oak.

“It’s Meagan’s tree,” Cheek said. “She loved nature and that’s why I picked a tree. That’s my baby girl. I wanted to do something and this will last a long time.”

A benefit fund has also been set up through First National Bank of Granbury as the Meagan Crocker Memorial Fund. The bank has several locations in Granbury, one in Acton and one in Tolar.