Soon after we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner I rushed out to the grocery store, which was Wednesday night. I thought I would have to spend four hours in line to check out. Well, either everyone got an earlier start or they all just decided to go somewhere else to eat because there were virtually no lines. I was in and out in 45 minutes.

Being one who doesnít cook much - and making a decision to have dinner the night before - isnít the best plan for a holiday meal, especially when you have to defrost the bird. I had a choice of buying an organic turkey or having a whole chicken. Having chicken just didnít fit the day so I decided to drive to another store where I found a 13 lb. turkey for $7, which made my shopping efforts even better.

When I got home I put my desserts together so that part of the dinner was finished. I was on a deadline - trying to finish dinner and get everything cleaned so that I could watch the Dallas Cowboys play.

After a few minor kitchen accidents, one which involved an unfortunate mixture of hot grease, cold water and a measuring cup that sounded like a gunshot, I was finally able to curl up in the living room with my family to watch the game.

The day, which took very little planning, turned out nicely. By the time the second quarter got under way, not a creature in my house was stirring.

When we all woke up and looked outside it was snowing. We couldnít believe it! It reminded us of Kentucky and was just what we needed to get into the spirit of the holidays.