An unofficially abandoned road is getting lots of attention.

Erath County property owner and Arlington resident Bill Grubbs, says nobody would have paid attention to the “road to nowhere” or County Road 331, if he had not addressed the Erath County Commissioners Court to officially abandon it.

Grubbs said until recently the road did not have a number and was so overgrown with brush and tree limbs that not even a four-wheeler could navigate in places.

Grubbs is originally from Hamilton County and chose the property just off of Farm to Market 1702 as the place where he plans to retire. But until then, he wanted to improve the property with a new fence. Grubbs said the survey on his land shows his property line to be in the middle of what looked to be an “abandoned road.”

In the process of trying to figure out where he could actually locate the new fence, he addressed the commissioner's court and asked them to officially close the road because maintenance had been discontinued more than 20 years ago.

In the past few months, the brush was trimmed and the road bladed and Erath County Judge Tab Thompson said as long as one adjacent property owner wants the road left open, the county would leave it open and begin maintaining it. Thompson said he received several letters from property owners who plan to section off pieces of land for children who will someday build homes there.

“We won't abandon the road against wishes of other landowners that are adjacent to this county road,” Thompson said.

Thompson said the only time roads have been closed during his tenure with the county was when all landowners were in agreement, and is a subject that doesn't come up often.

Commissioner Lynn Tidwell said until recently he didn't consider it a county road, and in his five years as commissioner nothing had been done to the road. Tidwell said he didn't know how long it had been since the county had maintained the road because no records are kept.