Drivers who park on opposing sides of certain city streets may soon find fewer parking spaces.

The city council’s Public Health and Safety Committee forwarded a recommendation to the city council Tuesday, approving the addition of portions of Mason, North Dale and Shirley streets to the list of no parking zones within the city limits.

Police Chief Roy Halsell said in the 100 block of Mason, where there is one parking place on the north side of the street and a couple on the south, only one parking place would be affected. Halsell sees the elimination of the single spot necessary since cars parking on both sides of the roadway allow only one vehicle to travel the street at any given time.

“I propose the 100 block of Mason be restricted on the north side of the street,” Halsell told the council.

In reference to North Dale, Halsell said the hazards are greater as an average of more then 3,500 vehicles travel the street daily. In the 100-400 blocks, Halsell said the narrow street only offers 30 feet of travel area.

According to Halsell, all of the homes on North Dale have adequate parking and residents should not be impacted by the ordinance.

The 1300-1400 blocks of West Shirley, another street only 30-ft. wide, problems arise when students attend classes at Tarleton State University.

“I propose an ordinance to restrict parking to Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” Halsell said. “This is the same restriction as on other streets in the vicinity of Tarleton. Residents in the area are allowed to obtain two parking permits per residence.”

The next meeting of the Stephenville City Council is set for Tuesday, Nov. 3.