The Stephenville City Council will hold a public hearing on the budget for fiscal year 2007-2007 at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Council Chambers at Stephenville City Hall.

The proposed budget includes $17.5 million in revenue for all funds and $18.9 million in expenditures. It proposes that General Fund reserves be used for matching funds for airport grants, street improvements, park restroom, river erosion control design, an ambulance, a swimming pool and equipment.

The surface water project, a grant match for the Bosque River Trail and a new well will be funded from the Capital Projects Fund and drug enforcement and portions of historical brick streets will be funded from the Special Revenue.

The proposed budget also includes the addition of a narcotics officer in the Stephenville Police Department and $250,000 for salary increases in the General Fund and $25,000 in the water, sewer and landfill areas.

A copy of the budget is available in the city secretary ís office for review.

The council will also set a time, date and place for a public hearing on the tax rate for 2007.

Following the council meeting, a committee work session will be held in the training room at Stephenville City Hall.

The Public Health and Safety Committee will continue discussions from previous meetings on an amendment to the Animal Control Ordinance and the Sex Offender Residential Restriction Ordinance.

The Animal Control Ordinance was tabled during the July 17 meeting of the committee to allow the police department to reword portions of the ordinance. The ordinance prohibits the sale of animals in parking lots and along roadways within the city limits.

The Registered Sexual Offenders Ordinance relates to the distance a registered sexual offender could live from places where children congregate. It was tabled for additional work after some committee members expressed concern about the landlord ís liability and responsibility.

The committee will also discuss forfeiture funds for the police department.

Barry Ratliff chairs the Public Health and Safety Committee. Other members are Pat Shelbourne, Mark Murphy and Malcolm Cross.

The Public Works Committee will discuss amending the Drought Contingency Ordinance.

Committee members are Andrew Johnson, chairman, Ratliff, Todd McEvoy and Murphy.