Chivalry is alive and well in Erath County.

 My daughter, Debra Harrison, her three sons, ages 4, 5, and 6, and I discovered this Thursday, August 5. We were traveling back to Stephenville on Highway 108, just a mile or so from Huckabay when we blew a radiator hose and had to stop on the side of the road. The temperature was 100 degrees and even though we used a cell phone to call for a ride back into Stephenville, I was surprised that no one would stop to help two women with three children in that kind of heat, but we sat there for 25 minutes and at least that many vehicles passed us by. Then along came my hero, Lonnie Tate. He not only stopped and offered us a ride into town, he removed the hose, took it to Stephenville, shopped several auto shops until he found the proper hose, and then drove back out to my car and installed it. Then he drove to his home for water for the radiator. Mr. Tate, you are a true gentleman and my family and I thank you for your concern and kindness.

Brenda Harrison