Our president needs to study history more. This week I was watching the restored WWII videos. When Harry Truman took office at the death of Roosevelt, he had a terrible decision to make. He listened to his military advisers and sent Japan an ultimatum. You have three days to surrender or the U.S. Air Force will drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Three days went by with no response from Japan and the Enola Gaye took off with a fighter escort. The bomb was dropped and about 100,000 people were killed from the blast and after effects. Truman sent another message saying they have three days to surrender, no response. Planes took off  again with the second atomic bomb on board. The bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Another message was sent to Japan command giving them three  more days, no response, The third atomic bomb was loaded on an airplane and was awaiting the command to take off when Japan offered to unconditionally surrender. This was never known by the general public because it wasn't used to blow Tokyo off the map. If you are going to fight a war, hit them with everything you have, beat the daylights out of them and they will think twice before picking on you again. It was said when Japan hit Pearl Harbor, they awoke a sleeping giant, it was a fact they will always regret. It was generations before the affects of atomic radiation wore off.

While in high school, as a freshman, and only weighing about 130 pounds, it was a larger boy who was continually pushing me around and I couldn't get him to stop. My P.E. teacher said tomorrow we will settle this once and for all. We will have a boxing match to the finish between the two of you and I will referee. The next morning came and though I was scared, I showed up, but the bully didn't and I never had a problem out of him the rest of my four years in high school.

Bullies that start wars, have to be taught a lesson, that war is unacceptable in a civilized society. I invite you to go to the History channel and watch these original videos to see the real facts about WWII. You can go to http://History.com to see when they are scheduled.

During Old Testament times, God gave the order to Israel to take the land and kill every man, woman, and child. They were doing great until they started marrying and allowing the enemy to live, disobeying God's command, then they started losing the battle.

I have had five brothers in war, one who gave his life. I only missed Vietnam because of a bad knee. At 72, I am prepared to defend and protect my country and the constitution against any and all, both foreign and domestic. I think the majority of American citizens feel the same way.

We now have a president like Johnson during Vietnam, that wants to micromanage the war and just like Johnson, Obama will end the war in Afghanistan the same way. It takes guts to win a war and our fighting men and women have those guts, but they have a wimp for a Commander-in Chief who has always had thugs and the Mafia around to do his dirty work.

Here are some famous quotes from President Harry Truman:

"It is part of my responsibility as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces to see to it that our country is able to defend itself against any possible aggressor. Accordingly, I have directed the Atomic Energy Commission to continue its work on all forms of atomic weapons, including the so-called hydrogen or super-bomb."

The difference in a man and a mouse!

Vernon R Sneed