As an aging parent, now a grandparent, I remember trying to take advantage of those “teachable moments.” You know, the first time your child touched something hot, felt the kickback when they shot their first gun or the heartbreak they felt after their first love.

Well, Tuesday afternoon I was invited by my daughter (a Tarleton student) to attend a city council meeting with her. She could get extra credit in a class and she didn’t want to go alone. I was more than happy to accept. I had been to several before and looked forward to experiencing it with her. The meeting was punctual, as always, and business was quite interesting. Several topics were on the agenda that interested me: the Downtown historical square project, the Stephenville Historical Museum annual report, the Stephenville police annual report and the expansion of FMC and their request for tax abatement.

Wow! You can’t believe what the Historical Museum does on a ‘very limited’ budget! The commitment these folks have is unbelievable! I am a new supporter. Our police…with today’s problems of racial profiling, lawsuits everywhere and police corruption, crime is on the upswing in most towns.

I am proud to live in Stephenville.

And then FMC…well, I wish everyone in town could have been there to hear their facility manager Fernando Camuzzi explain the growing process and the tremendous amount of work that goes into bidding against global competition to sell Stephenville to the mother corporation for an exciting cutting-edge expansion here at home! I was always an FMC supporter, for all their charitable and local involvement, but now I’m really sold!

Sorry, I got carried away…back to the teaching moment. A topic came up about passing an amendment to allow a drive thru for a grocery/convenience store, like you have in pharmacies, tailors, fast foods, etc, that allowed the business to take orders from drive up customers for groceries such as milk, bread, toiletries and such without the customer having to exit the car and physically walk in.

This was all great, you know, for invalids, senior citizens, people in a hurry for 1-2 items, mothers with small children in car seats (asleep or awake) until the entry of “booze.”

Oh, then the discussions took on another tone, and my daughter was ‘front row!'

All said, I could not have asked for a better ‘teaching’ moment! All the way home we talked and gave each other opinions on the decisions made, who voted for, who voted against…and so on and so on. Final words from me to her; these people are elected to represent you! If you don’t feel they are doing a good enough job, get active! Support those that do, speak your peace about those that don’t or better yet…get involved. I only wish more folks would attend council meetings and see how the people you voted for handle themselves in public forum.

My thanks to the city council for all their hard work. Mayor Hunter, you’re doing a great job. Thanks to Tarleton teachers for getting my student involved in local government and a very heartfelt ‘thanks’ to my daughter for inviting ol' Dad to escort you to a great teaching moment!

Dan Delgado