While driving down Lingleville Road you may notice that something looks different.

That's because the outpatient clinic building for Pecan Valley Mental Health Mental Retardation is gone.

According to Executive Director Coke Beatty, a new building will grace the landscape in about nine months as soon as the city approves and gives a thumbs up to the project, construction will begin.

"It will be one of the nicest office buildings in town and a very attractive addition to the city," Beatty said.

Beatty said the old building had multiple structural problems and the organization decided not to keep pouring money into it for repairs when the facility had been out grown and no longer met the needs of the organization.

"We looked around to see if there was anything to purchase or lease that would meet our needs and there wasn't," Beatty said. "We liked our location on the Lingleville Road and decided to replace the whole structure. We kept pouring more money into electrical and plumbing and it had a bad roof."

Beatty said the old building was full of asbestos so a special team was contracted to remove it and all of the demolition work has been completed.

Beatty said the nearly 6,000 square foot building was designed by Fred Parker and Associates and will be built by Rick Hale from white Austin stone with a rolled metal roof to the tune of $650,000.

The building will be owned by "Facilities Group," an organization that was created for such ventures, because MHMR centers are prevented from taking out loans.

"They will build the facility and we will lease from them," Beatty said.

He said the leasing group is a non-profit organization.

The outpatient clinic has been temporarily relocated behind Maurice's Department Store in the Bosque River Center.

"We haven't missed a beat," Beatty said. "We're still seeing everybody."

Beatty said the new building will serve about 300 individuals with mental health issues and house about 15 employees.