Dear Editor,

I sympathize with the Mountain Lakes property owners who have invested their money into a subdivision that has a “leaky” lake.

I do not however, sympathize to the point of agreeing with their wish to use water wells to fill that lake. Pumping groundwater into a lake (leaky or not) is contrary to the principal purpose and function of a lake.

A lake’s primary functions are to provide flood control, electricity production, irrigation and/or provide a supply of freshwater for area residents. Beacon Lake provides none of these. It is strictly a recreational lake for the Mountain Lakes property owners.

Rivers, springs or local precipitation runoff normally feed lakes, not groundwater wells. Once again, I truly sympathize with the residents of Mountain Lakes, and I guess it is too late for the old adage “buyer beware”.

So now they can enjoy what they do have: beautiful views, country living, and the nice community, and sue the pants off the developer.

Glenn Smith