To the educators of the Stephenville ISD: Please do not think the opinions recently expressed in Letters to the Editor reflect the opinions of all parents with children (or grandchildren!) presently attending SISD, or parents whose children who have graduated from SISD. Many more of us appreciate the jobs you do and have done, dealing with more than 20 students in each class, all with different personalities and educational needs. We know you unselfishly spend your own money to make the classroom experience as positive and learning-friendly as possible. We know you put in long hours outside the classroom so our children can receive the best education possible

To the educators who are also coaches: I don't know why people are so eager to put targets on your backs whenever budget issues arise. Your responsibilities extend from the classroom to the field of competition, requiring you to be at work before school starts and stay until after the last athlete has gone home. I know first-hand during the season football coaches work from early Saturday morning until late afternoon, are back after church on Sunday working again until late afternoon. Each varsity coach also has sub-varsity responsibility, with additional travel time and often watching other sub-varsity games. Coaches in every sport are compensated, but divide their total salaries by the hours they put in and I doubt many would work for that hourly wage. The same is true of any extra-curricular sponsor, but it's always coaches and athletics that get put in the cross-hairs. 

I personally am grateful for the hard work and dedication of the SISD faculty and staff, and after reading the letter on Sunday, I am sincerely sorry I can't tell each of you in person how much I appreciate what you have done and continue to do!

My sincere thanks to the educators and coaches of SISD, retired or still working, who helped my sons become the productive citizens and amazing fathers they are today! 

Susy Warren

(proud parent of two SHS alumnus and former Jackets)