Come on Stephenville, keep up with the continuous growth spurt that is occurring in town!

After having lived in the area for the past 13 years, there are multiple problems as a result of excessive overload.I submit the following suggestions for IMMEDIATE attention: ALL major intersections need turn lanes/signal lights; enforcement of vehicles turning/parking where not permitted; enforcement of residential policies regarding numbers of persons living in residence; enforcement/removal of vehicles parked illegally in residential areas; enforcement of speeds in residential areas; major brand upper-scale clothing chains that offer ALL sizes/styles clothing (not just cheap outlet ones aimed at teen-college crowd); cafeteria/buffet-style food services; nice restaurants rather than more fast food chains; seniors-only living complexes; continued crack down on ALL illegal drug activity. You want to keep business in Stephenville while still allowing the expansion of the area, then please consider solutions to the ever growing problems associated with the bustling growth.

Rhonda Butler