I’d like to begin this letter by stating that each person has a right to an opinion, and the following is mine.

I’d like to thank Bill Gordon, the ‘watch dog’ for all of Erath County. Who else would spend their own money for gas, etc., to drive to the various locations where people want to put in a disposal well? He has spent a lot of time on his computer, researching and contacting various people. He has gone to various places to speak on this matter. One thing that impressed me was when he spoke to one of the sixth grade classes and how the students reacted. They wrote letters to people in Austin and received many responses.

Thanks to all who attended the meeting in Austin with the Railroad Commission and to all who spoke, including Mark Murphy, Tarleton State University employee; Elaine Smith, Dublin; Judge Tab Thompson; Commissioner Randy Lowe; Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District General Manager Joe Cooper; and Camron Fambro, college student, who - I’ve been told - did an excellent job.

Now… as for voting as Bill Gordon suggested in the local paper, my answer is, “No! Not me!” I live in the city limits and have cable; therefore, I don’t miss watching very many meetings even when I don’t feel like attending in person. We in town live with the Council’s decisions. I am voting for ROBERT BURNS, U.S. Army veteran, and Former City Councilman.

Elizabeth Zickefoose