Try and try again.

That is the motto Gary Sult has adopted when it comes to qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Sult missed qualifying for the April race by nine seconds Sunday at the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon.

“That’s so bad it’s funny,” Sult said of his time.

Sult ran the marathon with a time of 3:31:08, just one minute and nine seconds more than the allotted qualifying time for the Boston Marathon. However, runners are allowed a 60-second gap for their qualifying time. But even the extra 60 seconds wasn’t enough for Sult to squeeze into a qualifying position.

“That is my personal best, as far as time, so I feel good about that,” Sult said. “The thing that was different this time and that was really difficult was the weather. It makes it very difficult to run marathons when the weather is that warm.”

After the race, Sult received news that was a little comforting. Even if he had qualified for the race he would not have been able to run in April 2010, he would have to wait until 2011. The Boston Marathon only allows 25,000 runners to compete and every slot was full by Nov. 13, just two days before Sult’s qualifying test in San Antonio.

But Sult is the eternal optimist and refuses to give up his dream. So on Dec. 13 he will try to qualify once again at the White Rock Lake Marathon in Dallas, even if it means he has to wait an additional year to run in Boston. Qualifying times are admissible for a two-year period for the Boston Marathon so a good time would secure Sult a spot for 2011.

“I know the course over there (at White Rock Lake) real well,” Sult said. “That will be a benefit - if the weather cooperates.”