Michael Hicks, 33, admits he has a troubled history.

But he is also quick to point out that those days are in the past, and he has since worked to become a productive citizen.

Hicks - a convicted felon - is set to take his seat on the Dublin City Council following the May 14 election. He is running unopposed for ward 1 after his challenger, former Dublin Police Sgt. Ken Drozeski, pulled his application.

"I was young and dumb and made some mistakes," Hicks said over the phone Wednesday.

Hicks served 18 months in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for credit card abuse.

"This happened in 1999," he said. "I have since moved on."

Hicks said he moved from Granbury to Dublin in 2002 and has since purchased a home and started his own business, Hicks Electric, which he opened two years ago.

"People screw up, it happens," Hicks said. "As long as you take and learn from your mistakes and go on with your life in a better way, (Dubliners) should look and realize that I am an alright guy who screwed up when I was younger."

City Manager Jerry Guillory said he had no knowledge of Hicks' background and that the candidate had met the residency and voter identification requirements for applying for a spot on the ballot.

"I have seen nothing to disqualify him as a candidate," Guillory said.

While there is no law that bars Hicks from serving as an elected official since his right to vote has been restored, his former running mate was forced to withdraw from the race due to a different state mandate.

State law says if a candidate's spouse works for the city, the spouse must have been employed there for more than six months for the candidate to be eligible to run for office.

Drozeski's wife, Traci, will have only been a Dublin police dispatcher for five months and 14 days - 17 days short of the requirement - on Election Day. Drozeski reportedly pulled his application last week rather than asking his wife to resign from the position.