An alert citizen helped police nab a man suspected of burglarizing a home and car Friday night.

The citizen called police about 7 a.m. Saturday after witnessing two suspicious men walking down Crow Street, Police Chief Roy Halsell said.

One of the suspects was spotted throwing papers on the ground out of what appeared to be a woman's wallet, while the second suspect entered an unlocked Ford Mustang parked on the street.

"When the suspect opened the car, the citizen hollered at them and they (the suspects) took off," Halsell said. 

The citizen then called police. Shortly after officers arrived, they spotted a man in the area matching the description of one of the suspects.

The man was identified as Abram Alquin, 19, of Stephenville. He was carrying a black bag, and inside, police found marijuana, an electronic gaming console, a controller, two iPods and a digital camera.

Among the discarded papers tossed on the ground were a female's insurance card and identification that led police to a home on Crow Street. When police went to the address, they located the owner of a 2006 Kia Spectra that had been burglarized Friday night.

"Her purse had been stolen and she was missing an iPod," Halsell said.

Shortly thereafter, officers were flagged down in the 500 block of Minter Street by a woman claiming that her home had been burglarized the night before during a party.  

"The woman identified Alquin as an 'uninvited guest' from the night before," Halsell said. "The gaming equipment found in Alquin's possession belonged to the woman."

Halsell said police have identified other suspects believed to be involved in the burglaries and a search for them is under way.

Alquin remains incarcerated in the Erath County Jail charged with burglary of a habitation, burglary of a motor vehicle and possession of marijuana. He is being held on a $35,500 bond.