My son is a prisoner of war. What is hard to grasp is that he is currently stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.

His scheduled separation date is approaching but he will not be discharged. Instead he will be detained in the Army for an extended stay, being placed on what is called “Stop Loss.” You see, a prisoner is a captive, a detainee, and a hostage. He is not the only soldier, either. The last information I received stated that there are more than 7,900 soldiers currently under “Stop Loss” and the number was growing. All these soldiers are prisoners of war.

Why would their country, the country they have served, make them prisoners? There are not enough individuals enlisting to maintain the forces needed for the war. This country no longer has an all-volunteer military and yet the government insists we are at war. Why hasn’t it supported its decision by reinstating the draft letting all of its citizens take their turn? Why instead, are we punishing the soldiers that have all ready dedicated themselves in service to this country?

Most of us will wave a flag and say we support the troops but the reality of this moment is that there are not enough individuals who are willing to carry that flag into battle. Who is at fault? I only know this; it is not with those soldiers who have already served their time. Anyone that doesn’t believe these men and women are prisoners of war is not facing reality. The “Stop Loss” program makes our government look inept and it makes the Americans look shallow in their patriotism. Maybe this is one reason why terrorists believe we are infidels.


Debbie Hummel