If you've already got brightly lit packages wrapped neatly under your Christmas tree, chances are at least one of them was purchased from the electronics department.

Indeed, electronics are a hot seller this holiday season and with great deals on everything from flat screen televisions to Blu-ray DVD players, stores like locally owned Gifford TV and Electronics have already seen a spike in sales and expect a profitable season.

Owner Kenneth Gifford said Black Friday sales drew a large crowd Friday.

"The day started out really busy and held steady all day," Gifford said. "Our Saturday sales were average."

The Consumer Electronics Association said Monday that technology products sold over the weekend appear consistent with the group's earlier forecast of a 6 percent growth from last year's sales which saw a significant decline.    

Gifford said retailers and manufacturers are gearing up to entice holiday shoppers into big purchases by offering special savings, instant rebates and financing specials, which offer extended terms with no interest.

Also on the list of many holiday shoppers are a couple of surprise items.

"We are selling a lot of front end washers and dryers this year," Gifford said. "A lot of appliance manufacturers have come to the party, offering their own Black Friday deals."

Gifford said consumers can purchase a front end washer and dryer combo for as low as $899.

And there's good news for those who just couldn't drag themselves out of bed and face the mass of shoppers last weekend. Gifford said Black Friday sales will continue throughout this week with new deals offered all season long.