It doesn’t always pay to come to the aid of a friend in trouble with the law.

That’s the word from Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant who discussed a recent case he said ended in a strange twist of events.

Bryant said that shortly after 8 p.m., Sunday, dispatchers received a call complaining of a reckless driver heading north on U.S. Highway 281. Deputy Tish Lecroy responded to the call, spotting the vehicle traveling on the wrong side of the highway.

“When Deputy Lecroy spotted the vehicle, it was traveling in and out of oncoming traffic,” Bryant said. “She put on her emergency lights and was able to pull the vehicle over.”

He said when the deputy approached the vehicle she spotted “a warm, glass pipe lying in the backseat.”

“Apparently, the driver was smoking meth as she was driving down the road,” Bryant said. “That’s why she was driving so erratically.”

The driver of the vehicle, Jessica Marie Batteas, 25, then apparently summoned a friend for help by sending a text message. Bryant said when the friend, Amanda Johnston, arrived at the scene, Lecroy asked why she was there.

“She told the deputy that Batteas had sent her a text message asking her to come,” Bryant said. “The friend was then informed that this was a crime scene and that she had no business being there,” Bryant said.

A check on Johnston showed she was driving with an invalid license.

“So we took her to jail, too,” Bryant said.

As for Batteas, she was booked into the Erath County Jail and now faces one charge of possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1, less than one gram.

Her bond was set at $5,000.