Arthur “Gil” Gilbert said he is all about attracting investors and new business to Dublin - and if elected mayor he would do just that.

“Dublin just doesn’t have anything,” Gilbert said.

He moved from Ohio to Dublin as soon as he left the United States Air Force in 1960.

“I would work closely with the Chamber of Commerce to attract investors to Dublin,” Gilbert said. “There have been some things brought to my attention that need to be looked at.”

Gilbert declined to discuss what those things were.

Gilbert said that in his opinion Mayor Seigars is a “yes man” to whomever he is speaking to at the time.

“I am not a yes man,” he said

“I don’t know that much about Tom (Gordon) but I can’t figure out why someone serving on city council - who has a vote all of the time - thinks they can get more done voting only as a tie breaker (reference to the mayor only voting in case of a tie).”

“The people are the city — the city is not the people,” Gilbert said. “I will take the consideration of the people - what the people want - before I would commit or vote for anything.”

Gilbert believes the communication between city officials and citizens could be improved.

“The people are not informed of the decisions being made and the communication should be better,” he said.

Gilbert said he also believes in respect.

“Respect has to be earned. You don’t get it just because you have a city job,” he said. “Respect has to be earned from the people.”

Currently, Gilbert has a mowing business. He is a retired truck driver for UPS. He has one son that lives in Dublin and a daughter living out of town. His wife, Elyse, is originally from Stephenville.