Someone has decided that life would be easier if they could print money, and print they did. According to Sgt. Ken Drozeski with the Dublin Police Department, there is an ongoing investigation to determine the source of counterfeit $20 bills that have been spotted in Dublin, Stephenville and around Erath County.

“We think the source (of the bills) is in Erath County,” said Sgt. Drozeksi. “Whoever has been doing this has gotten a hold of two or three $20 bills and has printed them several times.”

The bills, which Drozeski calls “one of the poorest counterfeit operations he has seen,” have been circulated at many different locations including retail stores and fast food restaurants. All of the bills, despite the quality of their reproduction, were taken in at the various locations.

“These bills all have one of two serial numbers and feel like copy paper,” Drozeski said.

Drozeski also said that concerned cashiers should look for other signs of reproduction including the texture and color. He said counterfeit money is typically lighter in color and weight and has an imprecise cut across the top of the bills. In this particular case, the bills look “like someone cut it with scissors,” Drozeski said.

With the investigation ongoing and three different law enforcement agencies assisting, Drozeski hopes it won’t be long until the culprit is caught.

“It looks like there was a mass introduction of these bills. Someone printed up a bunch of money and then went and started buying things,” Drozeski said.

Anyone with information about the case should call Drozeski at 445-3455.