After months of investigation into the mysterious sightings that took place across Erath County in January, investigators from the Mutual UFO Network’s state chapter are still unable to say for certain what those lights were.

The group says it will release its findings in a newsletter to its members within a week. Investigators with MUFON interviewed hundreds of people who claimed to have seen something unusual in the skies above Erath County. But many of those sightings have been explained, according to Ken Cherry, the network’s director of the Texas chapter.

“From the very beginning, the various sightings in Erath County were all different. People described seeing very different objects and after reviewing hundreds of reports, we believe many of them can be explained,” Cherry said.

He said several of the sightings were simply odd-looking clouds, while another sighting, given by a “credible” witness, was an “unusual alignment of two planets with another on the horizon that made it look like two spheres.”

Cherry also said “mass hysteria” might have played a small role in the number of sightings reported to news media.

“Once the media became involved, the public had a heightened awareness of what was in the sky,” Cherry said.

But Cherry was also quick to point out that there is no doubt that residents saw some “significant UFO activity in the area” beginning in Dec. 2007 through Feb. 2008.

After filing a Freedom of Information Act request with the FAA, the group learned that a large object was in the area traveling at a high rate of speed on the night of Jan. 8. He said it was clocked at 700 mph.

“We have still not determined what it was or who it belongs to, but the fact is, there was some significant UFO activity in the area,” Cherry said. “Our findings our still inconclusive."