The Dublin City Council will consider changes to ordinances and fees following a joint workshop between the ordinance and finance committees Monday night.

The committees are also considering changes to electrical permitting costs. Councilman Aaron Locke raised questions relating to the costs and asked if they could be reduced since inspections are completed by city employees.

Public Works Director Cory James is working to complete the certification process to conduct electrical inspections for new residential construction.

"If we can do the inspections in-house, why do we charge so much?" Locke asked. "Doing so discourages electricians to work in Dublin."

The city vowed to explore additional options before the next council meeting.

Committee members also considered a change to an ordinance regarding RVs temporarily connected to city services such as electric and water.

Currently, residents can have visitors occupy an RV using city services on residential property for up to 14 days per year.

The committee will make a recommendation to the council striking the 14-day limit of temporary residency. Ordinance Committee Chairman Tommy Sperry said homeowners pay for electricity and water and RV uses, and that the city should not restrict residents from having visitors.

"The city shouldn't tell people how long they can have someone visit them when they are having to pay to operate the RV anyway," Sperry said.

In other business, the council considered increasing deposits for public works services for residents receiving only one or two services. Residents pay the city for water, sewer and trash services, but some citizens do not utilize all three.

The committees will also recomend the council approve weekend charges for animal impoundment. Currently, animals that are impounded are not charged for weekends as the office is closed and payments cannot be received.

The Dublin City Council will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 13, in City Council Chambers.