Speaking for myself only, I appreciate the input from citizens on the proposed facilities for Stephenville. This is hopefully an exciting time in the start of our cityís future. I also want to mention that although comments from county and other citizens are welcome to me, they donít carry the same weight as those from Stephenville taxpayers. City residents will ultimately fund any such projects in the city. If county residents want to have some say-so in a library, Senior Center or recreation hall complex, they need to contact their county commissioners. Erath County has chosen not to participate in such endeavors so far.

Iíve heard the arguments that county residents and others pay sales tax in town, etc., but so do city residents, and city residents pay the taxes that support infrastructure, public safety, facilities construction and maintenance and much more. City residents also pay county taxes and largely fund county fire, ambulance and sheriff services. However, if my house is on fire or I need an ambulance in town, it will be the city, not the county that responds to my address, even though Iím paying for both. But Iím not complaining. Erath county and Stephenville is a great place to live and we should all be good neighbors indifferent to ďturfĒ.

Put simply, if folks outside Stephenville want to use city services and facilities, they need to pay their fair share, whatever that calculates to be. City residents should not be expected to totally subsidize the entertainment and recreation of non-residents.

I realize these sentiments are going to be controversial and may rile up some of my friends. Iím sorry, but Iím known for saying what I think, and that is what I think. This city is on the verge of something wonderful and we need to stay focused and get it done.

By the way, while Iím ranting here, why donít we build a city swimming pool right now? Its hot, and the kids want to swim.

Mark Murphy

member, Stephenville

City Council