There have been a lot of people expressing concern about increased truck traffic from recent oil field activity. Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Bush Administration is working real hard on a pilot program to allow trucks from Mexico to have full access to any U.S. Highway from Mexico to Canada.

This is now open for public comment through the month of May at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Alliance (FMCSA). Comments can be faxed to 202-493-2251.

This should be a big concern to everyone in this area because Hwy. 281, Hwy. 377 and I-20 are all major highways through Texas from Mexico. So we’ll see a huge increase in truck traffic right through Stephenville.

Mexico has no database to track criminal or driving history of drivers. CDL licenses can be bought in Mexico with no experience or training required, and no way to verify the person is actually who they say they are.

There is no way to check every truck that comes across so they could be hauling everything from drugs, terrorist, weapons, or illegals.

Terrorists are probably laughing at how stupid our government is.

They send young men and women to fight and die in war, then open the borders to allow terrorist to go to Mexico and buy a CDL and haul their weapons into this country by the truckload!

If you have the misfortune of being involved in an accident with one of these trucks good luck being compensated for your injuries or loss of property.

We all need to act now because there is little time to respond. So, contact your elected officials and express your concerns with them about this.

Rex Bollin