Praising those who protect our water

Kudos to area residents who have become involved in efforts to ensure our groundwater is taken care of.

And protected from pollution.

And conserved.

And preserved.

Early last week, it was reported that 614 "protest letters" have been filed with the Railroad Commission of Texas in opposition to a proposed oil and gas waste disposal site about eight miles north of Stephenville and two miles south of Huckabay on FM 108.

Thatís a lot of "protest letters" from residents interested in protecting our groundwater from pollution.

Then late last week, it was reported that a new group - Erath Citizens for Clean Water - is being formed to "get people to wake up - to recognize the potential dangers around us that could be hazardous to our drinking water."

Whatís even more impressive is the fact that the groupís key organizer, Georgia Scott of Bluff Dale, said her group isnít out "to get" anyone.

"I donít want to wait Ďtil the damage is done to my water," Scott said. "I want to be pro-active and stop it before ĎITí happens."

The group was scheduled to meet late Saturday to hold a community meeting as part of an effort to organize and make a difference.

Another group that has recently been formed and that is attempting to make a difference is "Worried About Water" in Erath and Comanche counties.

Add in Bill Gordon, commonly known as the "area watchdog" and his expertise, and companies and others wishing to strike deals that could pollute our groundwater definitely have a battle on their hands.

And for that, we should all be pleased.