Dear Editor,

I'm afraid my vote is against any and all waste recovery wells in the area. I lived in Three Lakes sub-division in northern Harris county on Highway 249 just south of Tomball, Texas in the 1980's. Strange illnesses began to show up in that sub-division in the 1980's. Several cases of cancer appeared during this time and two or three died from the cancer. Harris county did a water test on the sub-divisions water supply. They found among other things Benzene in the water. Benzene is a man-made product and after further checking, they found that the Oil company that had several gas wells in the area, had one close by they were pumping waste from their Refinery into. My wife died in 1989 from a Auto-Immune disease that was aggravated by Benzene. My neighbor lost her husband the year before to Crones Disease.

Over a dozen died during a five year period. The Sub-Division brought a law suit against the Oil Company on behalf of those living there. After the third time the Oil Company "LOST" my paper work, I dropped out of the suit. My neighbor stayed with it and got a total of $500.00 wrongful death benefits from the Oil Company. My daughter and grand daughter that were living with me, got a total of $1800.00 for future illnesses or damage.

Just as soon as I found out, I put in a Reverse- Osmosis water purifying system in my kitchen for drinking water. We were told later that taking showers or baths in polluted water with Benzene could cause health problems. I couldn't afford to move until 1995 after I retired.

When the local officials take a vote on this issue, remember the pollution will be there long after the money is all spent and forgot about. The life you save may be a loved one, spouse, child or grandchild. Think long and hard before you vote!

Vernon R. Sneed


Dear Editor,

Everyone should appreciate having excellent physicians and their support team, local hospital, nursing homes, and home health services.

Doctor Jeffery Moore, Doctor Dick Frazier, Sally Sisson [nurse], Doctor Nanette Evans , and Doctor William Evans are appreciated for their help and services during this last year.

My stay at the hospital was wonderful. The staff did a great job. The food was excellent.

Home Care Direct are excellent.

Louise Pless