Let’s cut through the chase.

Some Tarleton State University students made some horrible decisions when they decided to “celebrate” Martin Luther King Day by hosting a “MLK Party” and dressing up in ways that stereotyped blacks and offended many.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

The move prompted black students leaders, including the president of TSU’s NAACP, to bring attention to it first last week in the Empire-Tribune and then to address it, when the story caught fire, with a national TV and Internet audience.

Then, some much-needed discussion took place when TSU, led by President Dr. Dennis McCabe, held a university forum that allowed students on both sides of the issue to air and address concerns.

The forum proved sometimes to be tense, as some white and black students clashed, but overall proved to be fruitful.

And now university leaders, including the TSU Student Government Association, are planning a “Unity Rally” for 6 p.m. Thursday at the Hunewell Bandstand.

We hope that those who attended the now infamous ‘MLK Party’ will go to the rally and join and attempt to resolve differences with black leaders and others who were horrified and hurt after pictures of the party became public.

We also hope that everyone, including those students who attended the party, will take seriously and learn during February’s Black History Month.

We must move on. We must get along. Otherwise, we all suffer.