Brice Stone is no ordinary freshman.

Although the 14-year-old student at Stephenville High School enjoys all the regular stuff kids his age do like playing football and hanging out with friends - he has managed to accomplish something not many kids his age have - earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

Brice didn't have a lot to say about accomplishing something so extraordinary - only that he enjoys being a part of Troop 39 and spending time with his father, Tom, who is the troop leader.

"The best part (of Boy Scouts) is camping," Brice said, adding that his scouting accomplishments are a direct result of his father's influence. "He is my mentor."

Brice joined the Boy Scouts of America when he was seven, and made a pact with his father to become an Eagle Scout.

"They said they would do it together," his mom, Shanna, said.

And they did.

Brice has earned 31 merit badges - well over the 21 it takes to become an Eagle Scout.

Part of becoming an Eagle Scout also involves completing a community service and leadership project, something Brice planned, executed and led along with 13 volunteers.

The group repainted 51 fire hydrants in Stephenville.

On Nov. 6, his achievement was recognized during a ceremony held at the United Cooperative meeting room, where he officially reached the goal that he had set for himself so long ago.

"We are very proud of him," Shanna said. "This was a big accomplishment."