Spread generosity to United Way

Itís been said time and time again that Erath County is full of generous spirits and soft hearts. Itís a place where neighbors help neighbors, but more importantly, itís a place where strangers never hesitate to help someone in need.

Community members have organized and contributed to countless fund-raisers over the years, helping both young and old. Last night, Stephenville City Park was full of people wanting to help the family of Jocelyn Lewis, the 13-year-old Stephenville girl recently diagnosed with melanoma. Jocelyn is not the first the town has rallied to support. There was Jacob Woolridge, another young cancer patient, Leo Aviles, a young boy who earlier this year was severely burned, Tom Green, a sergeant with the sheriffís department who is suffering from cancer, and many others.

Today, residents have another opportunity to help those less fortunate by giving to the Erath County United Way. The organizationís fund-raising drive is in full swing. The goal is to raise a minimum of $250,000 that will be distributed among many local agencies, which last year assisted more than 15,000 Erath County residents.

As we continue to enjoy the summer break - and look forward to another school year - letís not forget that a very important fund drive is going on in this community. Support your local United Way.