The power of the press is like any power - it does some good and some harm. The Stephenville Empire-Tribune needs to respect the power of the press and its effect on individuals, families and our community.

I was unaware of the local controversy fueled by the power of the local press until I heard the phone ringing one morning. I ran inside my house to answer on the last ring before my answering machine kicked on.

“Bachus residence,” I answered.

The party on the line said, “Tell your wife she’s great for what she is doing.”

“OK, what is she doing?” I thought to myself when I heard the call disconnect.

Returning to my chore at hand I heard the phone ringing again.

“Bachus residence,” I answered again.

A caller shouted out, “Your wife is crazy, tell her to stay home!” and hung up the phone before I could respond.

I thought to myself, “She is home waiting for me to help her finish the chore we were working on.”

I had been working on a business transaction for the last few days and had not read the local paper. After numerous phone calls concerning this matter all of which were about the same tone as the first ones I realized something was going on. The last call was from the business person I had worked with the last few days. He informed me that he could no longer do business with me because of my wife’s views on the controversy in the local paper. I told him that that was not my wife but a lady that had the same sounding name.

After that call, I fully realized just how powerful the press really is. That it can affect an individual, a family or community in unfortunate ways. The power that your paper possesses is important and must be used responsibly.

James Bachus


Allow me to introduce myself. I am Kim Bachus. That’s Kim, not Kimberley, and B-A-C-H-U-S, not Baccus. Apparently, the recent articles concerning a planned protest at Tarleton State University have a large number of people confused, even people who have known me for years.

Since these articles appeared, I and other members of my family have been approached on a daily basis, to both congratulate and condemn me for my supposed actions in reference to this protest. I am a local business owner and have not taken a public position on the situation at TSU, nor will I do so.

A local newspaper has the power to both help and hurt, whether an entire community or an individual. My reputation, my family’s reputation and that of my business have been irreparably hurt by this confusion.


Kim Bachus