T-E-A-C-H-E-R-S! A pre-season pep rally greeted Stephenville High School teachers Thursday as they descended on the campus for another day of planning for the upcoming school year. The surprise event was organized by campus and district administrators to honor educators for their hard work in achieving the highest Texas Education Agency accountability rating - “Exemplary” - in 2010. Not only did the campus achieve the highest rating, it made history by reaching the top of the accountability ladder for the first time in school history. According to Principal Travis Stilwell, only 13 division 4A high schools across the Lone Star State received the “Exemplary” rating, which landed the campus in the top five percent, and SHS was the only 4A high school in Region XI to make the mark. Cheerleaders, the SHS Band, the school’s beloved mascot, administrators and school board members filled the stands inside Gandy Gym, cheering on those who could easily be called the best group of teachers in the state.