If readers pay a visit to the Empire-Tribuneís Web site, www.empiretribune.com, they will notice something is missing.

Thatís right, the photo galleries, which were located half-way down the E-Tís home page are gone. But have no fear, they have been replaced by something far better.

Web site visitors will now see one of two ads in place of the photo gallery thumbnails.

The ads are a link to the Empire-Tribuneís latest Web site addition, MyCapture.

The feature allows readers to purchase photos directly from the Empire-Tribune.

But that isnít even the best part - simple 4x6 and 5x7 photos are not the only goodies that can be purchased using MyCapture.

Photos can be printed on a mouse pad, coffee mug, luggage tag, key chain, four-inch button, t-shirt or even a basketball, football, soccer ball, volleyball, baseball or softball.

Various albums are already up, including the 2009 Stephenville-Aledo football face-off at Cowboys Stadium, the Fancy Nancy Luncheon, 2010 Snow Day, Cowboy Culture Celebration, various summer camps and the 2010 Fourth of July Parade.

Photos are uploaded to the MyCapture site on a regular basis and patrons should check back regularly for updates.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to www.empiretribune.com now and purchase your favorite photos!