Students at Hook Elementary School were in for a treat Monday, the first day of school.

Theresa Hutchins created a special bulletin board for them entitled “Hook Around the World.”

Hutchins is the physical education aide for third and fourth grades, and at the end of last school year she gave the students her home address and asked them to send her post cards from places they visited over the summer.

“I just wanted to keep up with them over the summer,” Hutchins said.

Hutchins received more than 60 postcards from all over from students and faculty; some were from as far away as Italy and Australia.

Fifth grade students, Bryan Scott sent one from Scotland, Sarah Darby sent one from Cozumel, Mexico, and Alexa Chaplin sent one from Fort Morgan, Alabama.

Now, students get to see their cards on the bulletin board as they walk down the hall — and it’s creating quite a buzz with them as they point out their own card to friends.

Hutchins said she is still receiving cards from students that didn’t get them mailed and brought them with them on the first day of school.

“Next year, I hope to get more when they see what I’ve done with them,” Hutchins said.

Principal Kathy Haynes said Hutchins is an asset to the campus.

“She always makes a real effort in connecting with the kids,” Haynes said. “She sees them all in P.E., but she is also the crossing guard so she knows them all by name as well as their parents.

Haynes said she thinks the bulletin board is a lot of fun and it interests her to see all the places the kids have been.

“It shows how much they really love her - that they would take the time to do that,” Haynes said.