An afternoon in the spring sun turned to terror for a young mother Monday. Less than 24 hours later, Lacey Raybion is counting her blessings.

Raybion, a local nurse, and her children were outside of the family's Barker Street home when her son, Gavin, 2, was struck by a pickup turning onto the residential roadway.

Raybion said she was digging in her flower bed as Gavin and his older siblings, Layni, 7, and Jonathan, 6, were playing in the front yard. Gavin was enjoying the great outdoors like many toddlers do, blowing bubbles, as his brother and sister rode their scooters in the street.

Raybion said neighbor kids called Gavin's name from their yard, directly across the street and caught the toddler's attention. As Gavin ran toward his friends, the young mother saw a vehicle turning onto Barker from Brenda Street.

"I started screaming," Raybion said. "I knew I couldn't stop him, but I hoped the driver would hear me."

In an instant, the truck struck Gavin in the rib cage. Upon impact, he was thrown about six feet and the back of his head struck the asphalt. Raybion said she thought she had witnessed the death of her son.

"He was lifeless," she said.

Raybion said in a state of panic, her medical training went out the window. She immediately picked up her son and carried him to the safety of the front yard.

"I have been trained on what to do and how to react, but when you are looking at your child lying there, nothing else matters," she said.

After checking him out, Raybion found that Gavin's vital signs appeared to be normal and she saw no lacerations, protruding bones or other visible injuries.

"When I realized he was okay, that's when I started to cry," she said.

Gavin was taken to the hospital where he underwent a barrage of tests, all of which showed no signs of trauma. Raybion said a CT scan came back clear and head to toe X-rays showed Gavin had no broken or cracked bones, no internal bleeding and no sprains.

"Nothing," Raybion said. "I think when we were at the hospital, he was in shock. He never made a noise, not a peep."

But that silence was quickly broken as Gavin was back to the business of being a two-year-old Tuesday, playing inside the family home. A "goose egg" that had formed on Gavin's head had vanished.

Raybion and her husband Bradd are left counting their blessings.

"I have been thanking God," Raybion said. "It all reminds me just how powerful God really is."