Results of a toxicology report showed no traces of alcohol or drugs in the body of a man who apparently laid down on a local highway to commit suicide.

According to Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol Sgt. Chris Frost, the toxicology tests came back negative on David Cyr, 45, who died after he was struck by a Stephenville resident on US Hwy. 281 at approximately 2:30 a.m. on April 13.

“We’re listing it as unknown,” said Frost, regarding the reason Cyr was laying in the roadway. “We do know that he had a mental condition so that could have played a part in it.”

Cyr, who was a computer support technician, was recently released from a mental institution, said Frost.

Following the incident, authorities were trying to determine with Cyr, a resident of Connecticut, was in the area. Frost reported that family members of the deceased are not sure why Cyr was in Stephenville.

According to Frost, the motorist never saw Cyr lying in the highway, but immediately called 9-1-1 after they realized they had run over a body.

When authorities were dispatched to the scene, they discovered his 2008 Hyundai was parked on the highway’s shoulder. Cyr was pronounced dead at the scene.

Frost said while the reasons leading to the incident will most likely never be known, DPS will not file charges against the motorist who struck and killed Cyr.