In April 2008 I purchased a home at 396 E. Long in Stephenville at an estate auction. The home, built in 1889 by Dr. M.S. Crow and his wife Mollie Jane Crow, had been owned by five successive generations of that family until April 2008. The estate auction included many personal items of the various generations of owners, including letters, photographs, and mementos which were purchased by many different people at the auction.

Dr. and Mrs. Crow were significant figures in Stephenville’s early history, and there is already a historical marker on the Stephenville Square referencing their ownership of Crow’s Opera House (now housing the Chamber of Commerce). I am now working on an application for a historical marker for their home at 396 E. Long, and would be interested in hearing from anyone who purchased anything at the estate auction which might be relevant to the history of the home. I’d also love to hear from anyone who knew any of the former occupants of the home who has any stories to pass along. I am especially hoping that someone has a photograph of the home in earlier days. 

Anyone who would like to pass along information may contact me by telephone at my office phone number 254-965-5800 or by mail at PO Box 1128, Stephenville.

Any information that is shared will be greatly appreciated!

Alisa Terrell Starbird