The Gilbert Intermediate School 6th Grade Performing Choir was a hit in Dallas last weekend with their production of “Oliver,” under the direction of Kim Jones.

The students performed at “Fun Fest,” and came home with “straight ones,” Jones said.

She said the three judges critiquing the event gave the students a standing ovation, which she said is unusual. The students received a large first place trophy.

This is the first year Jones has had a performing choir, and she said students are selected for the class by audition. Jones said this group is very talented and it’s working out well.

Instead of just music the students learn dances and skits to make a festive show.

In order to show off their talents, the show was scheduled for classmates and parents this week. Darleene Hufstutler’s theatre class also joined in the act.

Jones said she is happy about the new class because it’s a lot of fun for the students and she enjoys it as well. She said she had fewer students try out this year for next year which was disappointing but with a small group they will probably get to perform more for the community.