To the editor,

In response to Mr. Jackson’s letter, I respectfully disagree with the way you interpreted my wife, Jennifer Garrison’s letter to the editor.  If you knew her, you would know that she absolutely did not agree with the stimulus checks from Bush and was furious about the second stimulus. You questioned whether or not she joined in on the tea parties when the economic stimulus package was passed.   She did in fact join in on the tea parties, three children and protest posters in hand.  And your feeling that Mrs. Garrison did not raise a hand in protest or write a letter of complaint was also wrong.  She has been tirelessly writing letters to the leaders that represent us all over the country, not to mention several letters to the editor. So, yes, she has always been against big government and has been speaking out for some time. Yes, many more people are speaking out against big government, but my wife is only one example of those who were speaking out all along. Perhaps she is only being heard now that she has an army of concerned citizens who are speaking out along with her. As she stated in her letter, silence is approval and consent!

You asked her to compare the world that Clinton left Bush to the one Bush left Obama. How about the world that Obama is going to leave our children? Explain that to my three kids!


Curt Garrison