Stephenville Kiwanis Club President David Swearingen has one wish.

May the clouds part, the sun shine, and the rain subside long enough Saturday to get in the popular Firecracker 100 Bike Ride and Race.

“We are hoping and praying that the rain lets up enough to get our race in,” Swearingen said. “Even if there is rain, the plan is to still hold the race.”

However, Swearingen said, “If the rain gets really hard and heavy, we may have to rethink.”

Swearingen said the Kiwanis Club of Stephenville is continuing to do all that “we normally do to prepare for the event.”

“We have just over 500 orange Firecracker 100 rider shirts and goody bags ready to go,” Swearingen said. “We hope that some rain will not keep the serious racers away.”

Available routes are 10 miles, 26 miles, 43 miles and 100 kilometers (about 62 miles).

Route maps are available on the event’s Web site at

The 26-mile route winds its way through Selden, while the 43-mile route goes through Three Way and Duffau. The 100-kilometer path extends past the 43-mile route, through Clairette, Alexander, Dublin and Harbin.

He said the Texas Department of Transportation may mow the eight rest stops featured along the race’s various routes, noting it would be a “major burden off of us” if they did.

Swearingen said riders who aren’t as “serious about their bicycling” will be able to choose a shorter route, such as the 10-mile route.

“So that they would not have as far to go in the event that we do have rain that morning,” Swearingen said.

Swearingen said he will update the event’s Web site early Saturday to let all riders know the latest news in the decision process.

“The main thing is that everyone should feel that they could ride in the race without injury,” Swearingen said. “If a rider is very uncomfortable about riding in what might quite possibly be wet conditions, please act accordingly.

“I would like to remind the public that all money raised from this event goes directly to the Stephenville Kiwanis Club,” Swearingen said, so that the group can support:

CASA, Rainbow Room at Child Protective Services, Cross Timbers Pregnancy Care Center, Area youth sports teams, High School Art Department, Foster children of the area, and Numerous other worthy causes.

In-person registration for the event will be held at the Tarleton State University’s Wisdom Gym main lobby from 6 to 8 tonight and on Saturday morning beginning at 6 a.m. up until race time.

The 100 kilometer race is scheduled to begin at 7:50 a.m. Saturday. All other routes will begin at 8 a.m.