Since the city implemented its new automated trash pickup service on Monday, Stephenville residents have been sounding off on the use of the new trashcans, called polycarts. The 95-gallon, green tubs are placed at the end of residents’ driveways on the days when they are scheduled for trash pickup.

Although the system seems to work fine for most, other residents have trouble with the large containers.

“I’m a short person who lives in a one-person household. On top of that, I recycle nearly everything I have,” said Rene Turner.

Turner is not the only one who has that opinion judging by the number of complaints that City Hall has received.

Other concerned citizens have voiced their grievances to city council member Pat Shelbourne.

“I have had some folks say they were concerned that they couldn’t lift packages in and out of the receptacle. I know that IESI will be willing to help them if they call and explain their difficulties,” Shelbourne said.

There are options for citizens unable to maneuver the cart around the driveway and back. According to Jo Moorman, office manager for IESI, citizens need to call the customer service line at 968-7070 to ask for assistance.

“Citizens should call us and let us know that they are city residents and that they are having trouble with the carts. We have a special route set up for senior citizens,” Moorman said.

The route allows seniors to leave their polycart in a place of their choosing and the garbage collector will come and roll their cart to the street, connect it to the automated arm, empty the cart and roll it back to the place where it was found. There is no charge for the service.

“We will do what we can to help the senior citizens, we don’t want this to be a heartache for them,” Moorman said.