The animal activist closed down two Texas horse slaughter plants because we normal folks didnít yell loud enough and emotion took over the common sense in Congress. Texas lost out big time, DFW Airport lost over $6 million a year in flight revenue, flying meat to Europe where they are going to eat horsemeat whether you like it or not. Our Texas economy lost two plants, numerous workers, transportation, horse sale revenues, and revenues out of every personís pocket that owns a horse. Besides this, the zoos and wildlife parks lost their food source. Lions and tigers have to have meat, and yes, they were eating meat from Texas horse plants. Now where are they getting their meat? Do you believe more humane practices than Texas are in Canada and Mexico? Whatís going on folks? Environmentalists are killing your farmers, and animal activists are killing your economy and sensible lifestyle. Listen to this one, an article in the Seattle Washington newspaper stated the animal activist are now worried about zoo meat coming from Canada and Mexico, these countries may not be killing the horses humanely! The horse producers in the United States tried to tell you, but you wouldnít listen.

Have you ever wondered how these protesters can take off work to sit and protest? Where do they get their money? The last one I had confront me was a German lady, here on a green card from more than 20 years, not even a US citizen, but a genuine troublemaker. Next time you see someone marching around mad at something on TV, try to find out where these people come from.

There is only one horse slaughter plant left in the USA. I believe that we need to try our best to call our congressmen and impress upon them the need to keep this plant open. 100,000 horses have been being slaughtered in the USA every year. What will the government do with 80 to 100,000 unwanted horses?

The most important issue here is a private property issue. You bought the horse, you fed the horse, and now the government is telling you what you can or cannot do with the horse because someone had an idea that you should never kill a horse. Consider the cost, consider the loss of your private property rights, and consider your freedom in this matter.

Are you willing to give up your rights?


Cheryl Moore