The good news is Don Wright is alive.

The Bluff Dale resident was shot in the face Sunday night with his own revolver and is now hospitalized in Fort Worth.

Wednesday afternoon a close family friend said doctors said Wright is doing extremely well all things considered, but is still in the first 72-hour critical period. He is expected to survive.

“They've taken him off the sedating drugs today and he is responding,” the friend said.

He also said Wright was laboring to breathe on his own, so he was put on a respirator and all surgery has been postponed until next week.

The friend said Wright is a 1981 Brownwood High School graduate and is in business for himself as a home builder.

Kenny Fred Stafford said he has known Wright for 23 years and has never known Wright to be involved in any kind of fight.

“Years ago he worked at an electrical supply place in Stephenville and he would help us with parts we needed here,” Stafford said. “We were his customers and then he was ours.”

Stafford owns Bluff Dale Deer Processing and said Wright enjoyed hunting and would bring his deer to him and recommended the processing to all his hunting buddies.

“He's the nicest guy, always joking, and very even tempered.” Stafford said. “I've never seen him create a problem anywhere.”

Bruce Tackett manages the processing store for Stafford and said he has known Wright many years also.

Tackett said he was always impressed with Wright's politeness and talked about how sometimes Wright would bring his paperwork down to the outside round table at the processing store.

“He would always ask if it was alright to use the table,” Tackett said. “I told him, ‘Don, you don't have to ask just go on out there and sit down,' but he would always ask anyway.”

Tackett said Wright would help anybody do anything and was just an all around nice guy.

“I like Don. He's a good guy,” Tackett said. “If you needed anything, he'd help you.”