Women, tired of your man urinating on the toilet seat?

Steven Green, Hico code enforcement officer, has the answer to this age-old problem that has plagued women since the invention of the commode.

Green has invented “Mr. Toilet Seat,” a device that actually raises the seat when it’s not being sat on.

Green will be on ABC’s American Inventor II, a spin off of American Idol, beginning June 6.

“I cannot comment on how well I did,” Green said. “But I can say it is definitely worth watching. On April 16 I went to the Berry Center in Houston for the auditions. I did so well, I had to stay all week.”

Green said he had the privilege of meeting Sarah Blakely, Pat Crous, Peter Jones and George Foreman who all served as celebrity judges.

Green said his device is simple with little or no maintenance and only involves switching two bolts out on the seat and it’s ready to go. He said it is easy to change out and fits all standard toilets.

Green said in his previous employment he had to inspect all kinds of production plants and was constantly noticing the problem of urine on the toilet seats at the various locations.

Finally the idea of Mr. Toilet Seat came to him in March of 2006 when he went to an East Coast airport restroom and had the need to sit rather than stand.

“The first three stalls all had been (urinated) on,” Green said.

Green said he finally found a clean one and when he stood up an automatic sensor flushed the toilet and that is when the idea came to him.

“It was like a light bulb went off,” Green said. “I thought… when the sensor flushes the toilet the seat should go up, too, and then the problem would be eliminated.”

Green said from there the idea took off and he built his first prototype in June of 2006, which has a patent pending.

“I did really good in Houston,” Greens said. “I got exactly where I wanted to.”

Green said one contestant from each city is chosen to advance to the finals in Los Angeles and he didn’t make it that far but he’s really happy with that.

He said advancing to the finals means the contestant has to sign a five-year contract and would receive only royalties for that time period from the sale of the invention.

Green said he’s happy with the publicity he is receiving and hopes sales will “blast off” soon.

“It is great for public restrooms such as schools, sports arenas and gas stations as well as many homes occupied by a male, “Green said. “It can also be used as a training tool for young boys.”

The first episode will be a two-hour premier and Green said he thinks he may be on television for the first and fourth episodes.

Commercials for the show in which he appears have already begun airing and he said he is contestant number 5420.

And who caught the first commercial he was seen in? Green’s mother of course!

“My mom caught the commercial Friday night during Funniest Home Videos,” Green said. “It’s pretty neat - I think I’ve done really well.”

Green said it takes him 30 minutes to an hour to construct Mr. Toilet Seat and he expects it to sell from $60 to $80.

Those interested can go to www.MrToiletSeat.com