Surveillance of a Stephenville home led to the arrest of a man Tuesday, according to Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant. And, an "alert citizen" is being credited with the arrest.

In addition to the arrest, law enforcement officials also seized a treasure trove of marijuana paraphernalia and less than two grams of the controlled substance.

Bryant said his office received a call from a citizen reporting heavy traffic coming in and out of a home, located in the 700 block of North McCart Street. Following up on the lead, law enforcement officials placed the residence under surveillance, and observation of the residence validated further investigation.

Law enforcement officials reportedly knocked on the front door of the home and were given written consent to search the property, according an affidavit for probable cause in the case.

Once inside the residence, investigators seized approximately six grams of marijuana as well as 12 glass pipes and "bongs" - or water pipes - parts for the paraphernalia, a digital scale and grinders.

Lorin Michael Halbert, 24, was arrested and charged with possession of less than two ounces of marijuana, a class B misdemeanor. He was transported to the Erath County Jail and released hours later after posting a $500 bond. He faces up to 180 days in jail and a maximum fine of $2,000 if convicted on the charge.

Bryant said he appreciates the call from the citizen and encourages all citizens to report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods by calling his office at 965-3338.