The Erath County Appraisal District board of directors is searching for a few good candidates to serve on the county's appraisal review board.

At the Monday meeting of the Stephenville Independent School District board of trustees, Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd said following the resignation of three appraisal review board (ARB) members, the Erath County Appraisal District (ECAD) is seeking qualified applicants to the openings.

The function of the appraisal review board, according to the website of Susan Combs, state comptroller, the ARB is the first level of appraisal review in the property tax system, and has no role in appraising property. Simply put, the ARB wis the first stop for property taxpayers within the ECAD who have a dispute with their appraisals.

While protests across the state are typically heard from mid-May until mid to late-July, Carey said the local protests do not typically last as long. She said since the property owners have not in most cases seen recent appraisal increases, fewer protests are being heard by the local ARB.

An individual may not serve on the ARB it they are an ECAD board member; employee or officer of the ECAD or one of the taxing jurisdiction within the appraisal district; an employee of the Comptroller of Public Accounts; closely related to an individual who is employed as a tax agent or a property tax appraiser in the district; or if the potential applicant has delinquent taxes.

Applications, which must be returned by Jan. 7, are available at the ECAD office, located at 1390 Harbin Drive in Stephenville. For more information, call the appraisal office at 965-5434.