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Arguably the most popular New Year’s resolution each year is weight loss. Regardless of an individual’s size, it seems everyone wants to lose some weight at the dawn of each calendar year. More often than not, however, such good intentions fall by the wayside, and when spring rolls around little, if any, progress has been made toward making the resolution a reality.

Such a trend is less an indicator of a widespread lack of discipline and more a testament to how difficult it is to lose weight. Perhaps even more difficult is keeping weight off once it’s been lost. The former problem was one experienced by a man many people would not expect to have weight problems. Despite a resume that includes working as White House staff nutritionist as well as team nutritionist to the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers, Dr. Bill Wheeler, Ph.D., once found himself nearly 200 pounds overweight.

“When I was staff nutritionist for the Green Bay Packers, I had players who wondered about taking advice from a guy with a huge gut hanging over his belt,” Dr. Wheeler says. “I was like everybody else — dieting just wasn’t convenient.”

The realization he was approaching dangerous levels with respect to his weight soon found Dr. Wheeler looking for answers, not only about losing weight, but keeping the weight off once it was gone. In spite of a physical condition that he thought might require drastic lifestyle changes to turn around, Dr. Wheeler discovered that a few subtle changes were all he needed to shed pounds. Today, 185 lbs. lighter than the day he realized he needed to make a change, Dr. Wheeler shares his advice with anyone facing the difficult uphill battle of weight loss.

Consider meal replacement: Perhaps his greatest revelation on his quest to lose weight was Dr. Wheeler’s realization that replacing one meal per day can work wonder for weight loss. By replacing one meal per day with Gold Standard Protein shakes, Dr. Wheeler lost 185 lbs., weight he has managed to keep off in the two-plus years since he started to get healthy.

“By supplementing my diet and replacing just one meal per day with the Gold Standard protein shake, it’s been easy,” Dr. Wheeler says. “Who would ever have thought that a rich tasting chocolate or vanilla shake would be able to help me lose such a dramatic amount of weight, and help to keep it off?”

Each shake is fortified with protein, plus essential vitamins and minerals that will replace, and probably exceed, those in a regular meal. Best of all, Gold Standard Protein shakes are packed with 32 amino acids and protein profiles that supply enduring energy and curb the cravings that often ruin weight-loss efforts. According to Dr. Wheeler, that’s in stark contrast to most meal-replacement shakes, which typically use various combinations of low-grade soy protein and calcium carbonate, rendering their protein formulas less effective and giving them an unpleasant, chalky taste.

Exercise: Having worked with professional athletes for much of his career, Dr. Wheeler has seen upfront the benefits of exercise. When coupled with a slight dietary change such as meal replacement or curbing calories, Dr. Wheeler notes that losing weight only gets easier and easier, to the point where many people will be wondering what ever caused them to struggle with weight loss in the first place. Get advice 24/7: For those who need a little extra support, Dr. Wheeler is offering his dieting expertise along with support from his staff online free for seven days as part of your trial order of Gold Standard. Tips on fitness, conditioning and a special meal planner will be all part of the information you can access day or night.

For more information, visit www.gspweightloss.com call 1-800-799-3897 and mention code VGU1.