Can you feel it?

According to Richard Wolfe, research assistant at Texas A & M Research and Extension Center, this month is the coolest on record for July since record keeping began in 1978.

On July 11 and 12, the temperature was 92 degrees and the hottest temperature of the year was recorded on June 13, at 93 degrees.

Wolfe said every July the average high has been 90 degrees or hotter. The average for this month is 88 degrees.

“We just haven’t had any sunshine,” Wolfe said. “With the cloud cover I don’t expect the average high temperature to go up. It would have to get really, really hot.”

Wolfe said the average low temp of 70.4 degrees for this month has not been cooler than usual.

“It goes along with the high humidity we’ve had,” Wolfe said.